Glovebox for Corbin backrest

Glovebox for Corbin backrest

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Mike Corbin’s 60th United States Patent! As with many Corbin products, the Glovebox design is so unique that it was awarded US patent #D545,073. Just one of the many innovative designs that enhance your riding experience with well thought out form AND function.

Corbin’s new Glove Box is designed to bolt up to your existing Corbin backrest and give you a handy place to store some goodies. Fits backrest models: #02-S, #02-SB and #297B.

Naturally, it looks nice when installed and is designed for simple, bolt-on mounting. Comes complete with everything you need with two keys and either unfinished or prepainted Gloss Black (some OEM colors are also available). Inside there’s a generous four liters of storage capacity for your essential travel items.

So how much is four liters of storage? Well, we’ve put in: a couple maps, a pair of gloves, two bottles of water, sunglasses, keys and a cell phone… with room to spare! Door opening is seven inches wide by five inches tall to give you an idea of what you can slip in there. Although we haven’t broken one off in testing, we recommend a weight limit of five pounds to be safe.

Constructed of ABS plastic and hand finished to assure a quality finish throughout. On the inside, it comes fully lined to protect your cargo and even has a nice weather stripping around the door opening. Stainless steel hinge and mounting hardware assures your glove box will survive the harsh environment your bike is subjected to. Door lock is adjustable to keep your goodies secure.

So where can you use it? As you can see, anywhere you put a Corbin backrest! On the bottom side of the box, we’ve put a slightly flattened area to allow for clearance around seats and bodywork. There are a few exceptions to where the glove box will fit and these are noted on the specific seat models. Good on cruisers and sport bikes alike! Especially useful on bikes like the Honda VFR where there is no under seat storage available.

Corbin’s glove box looks nice from any angle. Naturally it takes its shape form the backrests that it was designed to fit. Little bits of detail add to the looks of the box like the ribs along the trailing edge on each side and the molded area around the lock on the lid. Typical Corbin styling! Comes unfinished or pre-painted gloss black or in any paint color we currently offer for our Beetle Bags, Fairings or Chin Spoilers.

Installation is very simple and you can swap this box onto your existing backrest or get a dedicated backrest for it. All you need to do is remove your rear finishing plate by taking out the two screws in the back. Now replace the finishing plate with the Glove Box and secure with the two provided screws and large diameter washers. A little Loctite or similar thread lock material would be a good idea here. Always be sure your backrest safety screw is installed too!


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