California Vintage

Dual Touring Saddle for 2006-2012 Moto-Guzzi California Vintage


#MG-CV7-DT-E – Dual Touring saddle w/ HEAT, Moto-Guzzi California Vintage

#MG-CV7-DT – Dual Touring saddle No Heat, Moto-Guzzi California Vintage

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Corbin has taken the touring quality comfort to the next level with our ergonomic sculpting and wide supportive bucket shaping. Notice how the shape of the seat is lowest in the center which relives central pressure from your tailbone. This shape is contoured out to cradle your body and disperse weight over a greater area. This all adds up to comfort and support that will keep you in the saddle long enough to use up that fuel tank!

We have built optional electric seat heaters into our saddle design that integrate with the Moto-Guzzi fusebox for simple installation. Conveniently located switch along the left side provide easy access while riding. Temperature is controlled and maintained automatically with all components built into the saddle. To add a touch of class and conceal the heating pads, we use a tasteful twin stitch pattern in Stealth style in the leather seating areas.

This Corbin seat model also works with an optional removable backrest in the front or rear for added comfort and support. Sculpted to fit the shape of your back and simple to adjust with a single set screw. We offer multiple backrest models to choose from including our new “Ovalbac” series (#02-SB shown). Backrest support hardware is built into the saddle for a very clean look.

In order to allow clearance for passenger’s legs, we don’t recommend using a backrest in the rider position while carrying a passenger. Instead, order just a single backrest and transfer it from front to back as needed. Installation and adjustment is simple.

All Corbin saddles are built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam. They may feel firm at first, but they break-in to your body and provide lasting support for years… firm is a Good thing! We’ve also neutralized the seating posture to curb sliding in the saddle and have provided ample room for you to move fore and aft depending on your riding posture.

Both saddle and backrest include genuine leather seating areas that conform along with the saddle for perfect break-in. We use leather in the seating and coordinated vinyl side panels to complete the custom look while keeping the saddle looking sharp and the foam shape crisp. We’re bringing riders a high value by providing leather saddles at a fair price.

For a final bit of customization, you can choose from a variety of backing plate options for your Corbin Ovalbac backrest. We offer a standard leather-look model or can provide a Carbon-Fiber look model at no extra charge (just be sure to specify). We also offer backing plates paintable or even prepainted gloss black for just a little extra.

If you’re looking to add a bit of convenient storage, the rear finishing plate can be replaced with the Corbin exclusive Glovebox. This adds four liters of locking storage that is perfect for maps, cell phones, bottled water and other small travel essentials. Comes fully lined and weather stripped to protect cargo. Available in plain black ABS or prepainted gloss black for a little extra.

Saddle installs using the Moto-Guzzi key lock system. We include brackets premounted on the saddle that integrate with the California’s chassis and locking mechanism. If you opt for electric heat, we include a wiring pigtail that plugs into your fusebox and powers the seat heaters. Complete instructions are included.
This saddle cover has been updated to use our new backrest hardware cover with the sliding door as shown here. To install the backrest, just slide the cover over to the side. When the backrest is not needed, just slide it closed. It doesn’t get easier than that! Click image for details.



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