Out of the box

Your new Corbin saddle is going to be different from your stock seat. Here's some common information you may find interesting and will give you an idea of what to expect from your investment.

It feels heavier than stock, is that right? 
It most likely will be. This is for several reasons, first our Fibertech® basepan is thicker and denser than the soft polypropylene one. Also, there may be backrest hardware built inside. Naturally our foam weighs more too, but we'll talk about that a little later.

The basepan has a different shape, is this going to fit ok?
Our Fibertech® basepan probably has an entirely different shape than stock. That's ok, it's going to install just fine. Notice how it is designed to wrap over frame tubes and mold into the shape of the motorcycle. Our pan rides on small rubber bumpers, so don't worry about your paint (just clean the bumpers once in awhile). Take a good look at the line of the seat pan... its going to fit the shape of your bike a LOT better isn't it?

Is this whole seat leather?
Take a look at the topside. Your new seat is hand tailored and most likely has genuine leather seating inserts. We use leather where it contacts your body for maximum comfort and vinyl on the sides to support the foam. Why? Vinyl doesn't stretch like leather does, so it provides good support to the foam shape. Also, side panels are susceptible to stress marks that vinyl resists. This gives maximum durability and the comfort of genuine leather.

Great, I can't wait to throw a leg over it!
Wait a sec, don't sit on it yet! Before you plant your tush, you HAVE to install it or risk damaging the seat edge. You'll notice installation is similar to stock, but may not be identical. You may need to transfer brackets from your stock seat. Because our basepan is rigid some don't require ALL of the same mounting points. In some cases installation may be slightly different than stock, but the principal will always be the same. Question? Just call us.

It's a little difficult to get the seat to latch, what's up?
We design our seats with a much tighter tolerance and closer fit to your bodywork than stock. This makes the seat fit the body groove better and looks great once installed. Usually the first couple of installations can be slightly sticky, but when the rubber bumpers break in, it'll be a snap. If the seat won't latch, it's probably because of the new bumpers... give it a smack with the ball of your hand, it'll latch.

Is it supposed to be this Firm?

You bet! For 30 years we've been developing and testing foam compounds and we have found Comfort Cell® is the best at providing long term resilience, support, shock absorption, shape retention and weight dispersion. Soft foam breaks down and leaves you with no support. Our Comfort Cell is a purpose built material made specifically for motorcycle saddles. Depending on the design, we commonly run our foam almost twice as dense as stock. This is for long term resiliency and rider weight distribution. It really works but you'll never know 'till you spend some time on it. 

I know you're wondering how this firm foam is going to work out. Well, consider the ergonomic shaping of the seat. This, combined with its firmness will create better weight dispersion to eliminate hot spots. After roughly 1,500 miles, Comfort Cell® will break-in and take on your shape which creates even better weight distribution. Notice also how the shape is designed for maximum support with your feet on the pegs, not the ground. There's only one way to know how well this system works... Get out there and rack up some miles!