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8" H x 8" W

8" H x 8" W

9.5" H x 8" W

9" H x 11" W

9" H x 11" W

10" H x 12.5" W

13" H x 13.5" W

An original Corbin concept! Since its original development, the Corbin backrest system has undergone a series of refinements through Corbin's ongoing product development. What you see now is simply the finest and most versatile system available for today's motorcyclist. As you can see, we offer several different styles so there is certain to be one that will look perfect on your machine. Click on any of the images above for complete information and ordering. 

Notes: Backrests are arranged on this page from smallest to largest with the smaller models on the left. Our most popular and versatile backrests are the #02-SB Standard Ovalbac and the #297-B Original models.

Special Notes and Info

Installation Instructions: [Page 1] - [Page 2]

Adjusting the fore / aft position of the backrest in saddles with this type of hardware is simple. Backrest position is controlled by the length of the set screw used to lock in the backrest.
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Ovalbac Backrest: Gunfighter model

Corbin's Gunfighter model Ovalbac is designed specially for a low profile and slick look while still..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000

Standard Backrest: Gunfighter model

Corbin's Gunfighter model is designed specially for a low profile and slick look while still providi..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000

Special Applications Backrest

This backrest is made for some specific Corbin saddle models that required more "action" in the angl..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000

Original Ovalbac Backrest

Our most popular backrest by far! If you've been admiring a Corbin backrest on your neighbor's or bu..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000

Standard Corbin Backrest

This model and the #02-SB Standard Ovalbac are our most popular backrests by far! If you've been adm..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000

Ovalbac Large

Ever heard this from your passenger... "I want the biggest backrest they make!"That's what our #02-L..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000

Ovalbac Backrest: Tee model

The #02-T model Ovalbac gets its name from the "T" shape when looked at it straight on. This shaping..

£0.000 Ex Tax: £0.000